Yav Kshar for healing all urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infectionMany of you are suffering from urinary tract infections and using medicines as per their conditions. Is using medicine can cure this disease? Medicine can give only one thing and that is instant relief more than this medicines can’t do anything for you. If you think that through medicines you can cure your condition, you can’t because medicines can’t cure any condition. Medicines are made from chemicals which can make your condition more critical instead of curing. But not more, you can cure urinary tract infections that too from its root. Yes, now this is possible and that you can do with the help of an ayurvedic remedy. The name of that remedy is Yav Kshar.

By the end of this article, you will get to know about Yav Kshar for healing all urinary tract infections. Yav Kshar for urinary tract infection is the best remedy because in ayurvedic treatment this is mainly used to treat urinary diseases, abdominal pain and bloating. Yav Kshar is also used as an ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines.

Yav KsharYav Kshar is alkali preparation of yava or barley containing potassium bicarbonate which is very useful for the treatment of abdominal diseases, urinary problems, Kapha vata vikar and various other diseases. This remedy has diuretic and diaphoretic properties. Yav Kshar is made with here barley- this is the dried plant which burnt in open air and then its ash is added with water or left it overnight. After getting a clear liquid, it is heated and the solid powder which is leftover at the bottom of the vessel called Yav Kshar.

Yav Kshar is very useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. This is the urological condition caused by non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate glands in males with advancement age. Yav Kshar is also very helpful in obstructive uropathy, urolithiasis, and urinary retention. Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections is the perfect remedy because it can cure the infections easily. Yav Kshar can reduce the size of hyper trophied prostate gland which relieves urgency and frequency urination. It will help you in the incomplete emptying bladder, nocturia- this is the condition because of which people can wake up during the night for frequent urination.

It improves digestion and alleviates Kapha and vayu doshas. Yav Kshar is also very helpful in liver and spleen disorders. Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections is a very helpful remedy and if you are suffering from this, you should use this remedy after consulting with your healthcare provider. Urinary tract infections are the condition from which many people are suffering but they don’t know about the holistic cure for the same. Urinary tract infections are some of the most common condition in women which is caused by bacteria. It is said that almost 20-30 percent women in the United States are suffering from this infection.

ayurveda boonThis is most painful and annoying disease and you should use natural remedies for urinary tract infections rather than medicines. Yes, I know that there are many medicines which are known to cure this condition. If those medicines are effective, why this percentage is not decreasing? You don’t have any answer, right? I will tell you why this is because medicines are not meant to cure any disease from its root. Medicine can only cure the symptoms and not the disease. This can only give you instant relief. This is the reason that I am suggesting you use Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections.

There is nothing which can cure urinary tract infections like Yav kshar do. If you have Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections, why you want to buy harmful and expensive medicine? Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections is the remedy which can cure this disease faster than any medicine that too without causing any side effect. So, use this astonishing remedy and cure your condition at home. Yav Kshar for urinary tract infections is the perfect cure and it its ingredients which make this remedy so potent. It is made from hrudroga, pleeha, anaha, galagraha, kasa and many more. You can consume this medicine 125-500mg after meals. But before you start consuming this medicine you have to consult with your health care provider first. Yes, it is side effects free but still, you have to consult with your doctor because he, she can tell you better about it effects on your body.


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