Warning, Signs and Symptoms of Appendicitis

Appendicitis generally defines a circumstance where your appendix suffers from inflammation due to some reasons. The condition generally evolves when the hollow part of the appendix gets blocked. This blockage leads to the development of bad bacteria and when excessive bacteria evolve around your appendix this leads to the swelling of appendix. The condition of appendicitis is very common throughout the world by believing the fact that

approximately 16 million matters have been registered and 72,000 deaths have been recorded in 2013. Acute appendicitis is a medical emergency which needs prompt and proper surgery of appendix to remove it. Now it is time to discuss about the major signs and symptoms that can be used to detect whether someone has this condition or not.

The sign of appendicitis usually begins with strong abdominal pain which gets severe with the passing time if left untreated. This is the most prominent and warning indication of appendicitis that you need to be aware of.  Along with severe pain there are many other signs and symptoms have associated with the condition of acne. The patient of appendicitis may also get the symptoms such as loss of appetite (In most of the cases), vomiting and high fever. If you are feeling the inflammation of the appendix then you need to be very attentive as it might be developing appendicitis. Abdominal bloating could be the other sign that may indicate that you have the problem of appendicitis. The portion where the pain occurs may vary from person to person. Nausea could be considered as early indications or symptom of appendicitis. Dull pain near the navel or appendix can also be recognised as the initial signs and symptoms of appendicitis.  You may also experience inability to pass gas due to blockage of appendix.

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Usually it is seen that blockage of the inside of appendix causes the condition of appendicitis. This blockage leads to the inflammation of appendix that causes the condition of appendicitis. Many researchers also believe that the infection of the stomach may cause the appendix. This inflammation of appendix leads to the severe abdominal pain. These are the very common type of factor that may lead to the infection of appendicitis.


There are few treatment options available that can be used for the treatment of appendicitis. Either you can use natural therapy or you can go for the medicines related treatment.  In few severe cases surgical removal of appendicitis required for most. If you are not suffering from the severe appendicitis then your physician may recommend you antibiotics. However, antibiotics can lead to the severe side effects and may weaken your immune system. So, using natural therapy to treat appendicitis could be the best way to heal this infection.

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