How aloe Vera helps in dandruff treatment?

How do you feel when you see beautiful models flaunting their long, shiny and glossy hairs? Do you want the same hair like them? Well, you can also get the same shiny and long hairs if your hairs are healthy and dandruff free. Dandruff is a very common hair problem and everyone can easily notice those white, flaky scales of dead skin that end up on your shoulder. They are especially apparent when you wear dark- colored clothes.

Dandruff is actually a scalp disorder which often does not respond to chemical treatment. It is caused by shedding of dead skin cells, dry skin, oily skin, excess sebum production and fungus. Excess dandruff may also lead to hair fall and hair loss. If you have dandruff problem, your hairs can stop growing and that can also lead to hair follicles being covered with the cells and not producing hair strands at all. The symptoms of dandruff can be treated with shampoos but they will not actually cure the problem. Dandruff can be only cured with the help of natural remedies and aloe Vera for dandruff treatment has proven to be an effective remedy.

Aloe Vera gel for dandruff treatment

Many studies found that aloe Vera is one of the effective treatment options for dandruff. Both aloe Vera gel and aloe Vera extracts can be used safely to minimize dandruff. Aloe Vera is actually a medicinal plant used as a part of numerous pharmaceutical, cosmetic and body products. You might have seen that aloe Vera is used for glowing face and many of you might have used on your face to get an acne free and glowing face.

Aloe Vera not only beneficial for your skin but for your hairs too. Aloe Vera contains a number of nutrients and beneficial properties which help in making your hairs shinier and dandruff free. Aloe Vera has great anti-microbial properties which help in killing the fungi that cause the dandruff infections on the scalp. Aloe Vera gel has soothing properties which soothe and moisturize the dry scalp and remove dead skin cells. Aloe Vera is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and soothe itching sensation.

Aloe Vera for dandruff is the best treatment because aloe Vera has healing nature thus will soothe and nourish the scalp. The soothing nature of aloe Vera will give the scalp relief from dandruff. This will also give relief from the itching and since the scalp gets nourished and moisturized. Aloe Vera contains a natural antifungal property that can remove dandruff causing yeast and fungus on your scalp.

How to use aloe Vera for dandruff treatment

You might be thinking how to use aloe Vera gel for dandruff treatment. There is no hard and fast rule for using aloe Vera to cure your scalp problem. You need between 1-3 cuts of aloe Vera depending on how long your hairs are. Extract some aloe Vera gel from aloe leaf and apply it directly on the scalp. Massage for some minutes to allow it to deeply penetrate. Leave the gel on your scalp for 20-30 minutes. After this, wash your hair as you would normally do.

You can repeat this process during various days and observe the results. You will surely get positive results within a week. For better results, you can even add lemon juice, white vinegar and tea tree oil. They are also effective in curing your dandruff problem. Dandruff is generally not curable with chemicals or shampoos. If you want to get rid of dandruff forever, try aloe Vera gel for dandruff treatment. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive shampoos and other hair care products. Simply try aloe Vera gel and get shinier, long and dandruff free hairs.

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