Chest Congestion and Its Home Remedies

Chest congestion
Chest congestion tends to be a medical condition comprising of swelling of the lower respiratory passage which creates troubles in breathing and is usually accompanied by chest pain & some other distressing states. Soreness is one of the body’s immune reactions to an infection, a foreign body or virus or bacteria. Due to inflammation, mucus build-up within the chest region which leads to chest congestion. In this article we are going to talk about chest congestion and how to get rid of chest congestion.
Traits of chest congestion aren’t very problematic to identify. One gets greatly lethargic as a result of the shortness of oxygen & labored breathing. A contracted chest and chest pain including coughing are the usual signs of chest congestion. Coughing is the most common and natural counteraction of lungs & throat to cleanse the stocky mucus deposited within the chest area. This mucus is created to block pathogens & pollutants.

The symptoms of chest congestion can be listed as under

1. Coughing
2. Shortness of breathcongestion
3. Strained breathing
4. Chest ache
5. Giddiness
6. Runny nose
7. Wheezing
8. Blood in cough
In some cases, chest congestion itself happens to be a sign of some other disease or medical problems. In those cases, it is followed by many other traits. If chest congestion happens to be as a result of flu, it will follow other symptoms too for example fever, chills, body ache & malaise. Hence, one needs to always be careful while judging the traits of chest congestion. For example, if breathing becomes more & more troublesome or blood covered mucus is found while coughing, it could indicate a more serious condition like pneumonia. In such conditions, patients should always talk to doctors as early as possible rather than of treating chest congestion indifferently

Natural Cures

1. Salt Water Gargle

One of the most used home remedies for chest congestion happens to be salt water gargle. Gargling with saline water aids in eradicating mucus from respiratory duct. Keep one cup of water to simmer. Add one to two tbsps of salt within it. Mix it properly & place a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Lemon juice and honey face packTake a swig of warm water & gargle for 1-2 minutes. Redo the process, four or five times a day to feel a soothing effect.

2. Onion and Honey

Onion consists of anti-inflammatory characteristics. It’s an effective cure for healing chest congestion, when employed with honey. Place a piece of onion inside a bowl and smear it with honey. Let it stay for the night. The next day, remove onion from it & eat this onion soaked honey, four times per day.


3. Lemons

To eliminate mucus-creating bacteria in the respiratory system, lemons tend to be the most efficient cure. You may put few grated lemon rind or a lemon wedge in a cup of hot water. Permit it to steep for five minutes. Sip the water after sieving it.

4. Bay Leaf

Bay LeafBay leaf is a very effective herb, which is a natural remedy for tons health problems, alongside chest congestion. In order to cure chest congestion, one may consume tea prepared from bay leaves. To make this, you are required to take fresh bay leaves & put them into a cup of simmering water. Let it soak for some time. Consume it warm.

5. Boiled Vinegar

Vinegar happens to be one of the crucial cures for various illnesses. It is also beneficial to give relief from chest congestion . Simmer some vinegar and utilize it for breathing its vapors.

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