Can Garlic Treat Herpes?- Garlic for Herpes

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What Is Herpes?

Herpes is the most well-known sexually transmitted disease. It is incurable by conventional medicine. Herpes is of two types Type-1 and Type-2 which is caused by viral infection. Today we will discuss the benefits and uses of garlic for herpes. Herpes creates painful blisters either on the mouth or genital region. Antibiotics are only useful to treat bacteria but they are not very effective against herpes which is a viral infection.

Can Garlic Treat Herpes?

  • Garlic is very effective to kill the viruses of herpes. It helps to kill the viruses upon direct contact, including other kind of infection such as viral meningitis, viral pneumonia, etc.Garlic for Herpes
  • Herpes on the mouth or genitals can also be treated directly with garlic(what is the meaning of cold here)
  • It plays an invaluable role in the prevention and therapy of the major causes of death. Garlic is very helpful in treating many ailments in staggering and clinical research continues to grow.
  • Garlic has 33 sulfur compounds, all the essential amino acids, all the major minerals and Vitamins A, B and C. It has a broad spectrum antiviral effect on all the herpes simplex viruses.
  • Although there is no permanent cure of herpes infection, we can use garlic for herpes symptoms treatment. Garlic is helpful for cut the frequency and severity of outbreaks.
  • Garlic has already been used for medicinal purposes and many other reasons. Garlic is used as healing herb. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. There are two primarily chemical compounds present in it i.e.- alliance and Allin. Allin is helpful for destroying herpes virus cells which might control outbreaks of cold sores, vaginal herpes or shingles. Garlic is rich source of vitamin C, which stimulates the body’s production of interferon, a natural virus fighting substance.
  • Garlic is one of the edible plants which have generated a lot of interest throughout human history as a medicinal panacea. A wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses has shown sensitivity to crushed garlic preparations. Moreover, it is useful to cut blood lipids and to have anticancer effects.garlic for herpes
  • Fresh extracts of garlic in which allicin is known to be the main part have shown to have in vitro and in vivo antiviral activity. The viruses which are sensitive to garlic extracts are the human cytomegalovirus, influenza B, herpes simplex virus type 1, herpes simplex virus 2, parainfluenza virus type 3, vaccine virus, vesicular stomatitis virus and human rhinovirus type 2.
  • From the research, it has been found that garlic for herpes is one of the best cure. It provides an ideal low-cost and safe alternative to drugs and vaccines in reducing the three most common causes of death in the world.
  • It has used as the medicinal herb since thousands of years. Garlic is extensively used to heal infections. The anti-viral properties in this help with herpes making it an effective home remedy for herpes. It has ability to kill parasites and pathogenic microbes. It kills undesirable bacteria, fungus and viruses including herpes simplex. It has been found by researchers that garlic destroyed over 90% of a virus within thirty minutes.

There are many techniques to use garlic such as eating two teaspoons of raw garlic and honey daily. You can eat garlic by mouth as long as possible.

How To Use Garlic For Herpes?

Garlic is the best home remedy to heal a variety of infections. There are certain steps which have to be followed for using garlic in the treatment.

  • The things which we need are garlic bulb, boiling water and shallow basin or tub.
  • First of all chop the garlic cloves from the bulb of garlic, and then pour the hot water over the garlic.
  • After that, let the water cool down to the room temperature.garlic treatment for herpes
  • Transfer this water to basin or tub.
  • The level of water should be enough to immerse the genital herpes affected area.
  • Now sit in the water for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Alternative you can take 3-5 garlic cloves and honey about 1-2 tablespoon.
  • For this you can take the garlic cloves and mince them finely. You may even grind or crush them to get the paste.
  • Then mix the raw garlic minces or paste with honey. You can have two tablespoon of this mixture every day.
  • After putting this mixture in the mouth, hold the garlic there as long as possible, then swallow it.
  • After having raw garlic, you can have a cup of Echinacea tea which is also a good herbal remedy for herpes.
  • Alternatively, you can apply the garlic oil directly on the affected area two or three times daily. To make garlic oil, cook fresh garlic cloves in olive oil until they turn brown and then strain the oil.

In this way you can follow above preventive measures and ways for using garlic in the treatment.

garlic for herpes1Garlic has natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to combat herpes outbreaks. Garlic oil also has the antiviral compound ajoene. Garlic is thus an excellent herbal cure for herpes. It will penetrate into every part of the body, if you eat garlic the body will use it where it is needed. One good thing is about garlic is that it enters into every part of the body.

It is used for healing purposes; you can use raw high quality organic garlic. The starting dosage is 3-5 cloves per day. Garlic can be used both internally and externally. You can use raw honey to improve very strong and intense taste of garlic. It has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-septic and various other properties that are very useful.

Garlic present in the kitchen not only enhances the taste of your dishes, but also very beneficial for health. It has many advantages and properties that help to deal with a lot of health ailments. Garlic is useful not only for the treatment of herpes but also for the other diseases. But you should follow the certain tips and precautions for the best, safe and quick results while using garlic

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