Abhrak Bhasma – A Perfect Solution For Respiratory, Heart and Reproductive disorders.

Have you ever thought how our ancestors live such a long and disease free life? Why they didn’t need to visit a doctor regularly? It’s simply because they believed in natural medication. In ancient time, people only used to treat themselves with natural herbs and medicines and Ayurveda is the combination of different natural therapies. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient and very effective treatment options. This is one of the treatment methods that can cure almost all health related problems. Ayurveda can treat all the types of diseases, whether it is a small infection, or a major ailment like cancer. We will talk a little more about this later, but before that I would like to tell you about a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine that is known as Abhrak Bhasma.

Abhrak Bhasma is one of the most useful Ayurvedic medicines. Abhrak Bhasma is useful in treating problems related to respiratory tract, heart, nervous system and cardiovascular system? We don’t need to take a huge bunch of tablets and capsules. This single medicine can solve all these problems in very less time.

Now, you may have a question in your mind, that what makes this medicine that much effective? Abhrak bhasma is prepared by combining nearly 72 natural herbs. The saps, decoctions and juices of these herbs are used for its preparation. Abhrak bhasma contains Mica ash as its major element that makes it a very effective Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is very rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and aluminum. All these elements are required by our body to perform its functions perfectly. The deficiency of these elements makes our metabolism week and this works as an open invitation for the diseases and infections. This medicine works as a Nervine tonic and used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Benefits and uses of Abhrak Bhasma

Abhrak bhasma is very useful in the treatment of migraine, memory loss, epilepsy, vertigo, insomnia, depression, hysteria, etc. It is also very effective for the cardiovascular and respiratory system related diseases. It helps in treating angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, asthma, cough, cardiomegaly, palpitation, anemia, etc. This is not the end of its benefits; it is an amazing solution for all your stomach and liver related problems, such as acidity, heartburn, ulcer, hepatitis, liver enlargement, jaundice, IBS

(irritable bowel syndrome), ulcerative colitis. You will be wondered to know that this single medicine also used to solve the reproductive health related problems for men and women both. It helps in curing the infertility, impotency, oligospermia, menopause symptoms, etc.
It increases the strength, and natural metabolism in the body. Abhrak bhasma repairs the cell and aids in rejuvenating them. It provides optimum nutrition to each and every cell of the body as well as it repairs the damaged and injured tissues. This natural medicine is very effective for a variety of ailments like diabetes, splenomegaly, kidney cysts, intestinal worms, and so many other health problems. Abhrak Bhasam helps in increasing the physical stamina as well as the endurance capacity. Not only for men, but it is also very useful for women. It strengthens the uterus and promotes the health of the ovaries. This medicine also gives you a healthy and glowing skin.

High blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases

The main component of abhrak bhasma i.e. black mica is very rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium. These three components are very useful for the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Magnesium present in Abhrak bhasma relaxes the blood vessels and makes easy for the heart muscles to perform their functions. It reduces the involuntary muscular contraction in the blood vessel and heart muscles as well as dilates the blood vessels. As a result the blood pressure gets decreased. Not only this, it provides strength to the heart muscles and improves the supply of blood in the every part of the heart. Abhrak bhasma also helps in maintaining the proper size of the heart.

Mental weakness and depression

This Ayurvedic medicine is a great solution for the mental weakness and depressive disorders. It reduces the mental stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness. Abhrak bhasma contains all the important components and nutrients that are needed by the brain for performing its functions or tasks properly. It strengthens the nerves and brain tissues. If you are facing frequent vertigo attacks, sweating, palpitation, and mental irritability, this medicine is perfect for you. It can solve all the problems and disorders related to mental health very effectively. It also improves the flow of blood in the brain that helps the brain to respond faster. This natural medicine is also very helpful in increasing the memory capacity of the brain and widely used for the treatment of memory loss. It repairs and regenerates the damaged and injured tissues of the brain. Hence, it is very beneficial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Abhrak bhasma along with sitopaladi churna, parval pisthi, giloy satva and ashwagandha powder, is very useful for the children.

Digestion and stomach related problems

Abhrak bhasma is very useful for the treatment of stomach and digestion related problems. It soothes the digestive tract and also maintains a proper pH of the stomach, hence helps in reducing the acidity, heartburn, bloating, burning sensation, etc. The natural ingredients present in the Abhrak bhasma help in healing the stomach ulcers and also kills the helicobacter pylori bacteria that causes ulcers in the stomach and intestine. The powerful antibacterial properties of Abhrak bhasma help in reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestine. It also kills the intestinal worms as well as soothes the intestinal walls.


The natural herbs present in this medicine have a lot of properties, such as antibacterial, anti – viral, anti – microbial and many others that makes it perfect for dealing with different ailments. All these properties of Abhrak Bhasma boost our immunity as well as help the body in fighting against the different bacterial and viral infections. It also improves the overall health of the body as well as reduces the tiredness.

Reproductive health

Abhrak bhasma is very effective solution for the reproductive health related problems as well. It helps in improving the motility and quality of the sperms and in this way it treats oligospermia. It also increases the fertility in men and women both. It is also very useful in the treatment of menopause. It helps in maintaining a proper balance of hormones in the body as well as promotes the ovaries health. This medicine helps in maintaining a proper menstrual cycle. It also helps in treating the irregular menstrual periods, abnormal vaginal bleeding, excess pain, etc.



These are some major benefits and uses of Abhrak bhasma. Now let’s talk about the dosages part of this medicine. An adult can consume 125 mg to 250 mg twice or thrice in a day, according to the requirement or as per directed by the physician. It can be also given to the children, but in less quantity. The dosage should be between 30 mg to 125 mg for the children.

Side effects

There are no side effects of this medicine, until one can take an overdose of this medicine. The overdose of Abhrak bhasma can cause an increased heartbeat. This is not about this medicine only, in fact every Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe for our body. This is because every Ayurvedic medicine is prepared by the natural herbs and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and artificial salts. The most amazing benefit of using Ayurvedic medicines is that it treats the main cause of the diseases, not only the symptoms of the diseases, as the other conventional medicines do. The other medicines only treat the symptoms of the diseases. They don’t cure the main cause of the ailments. But the Ayurvedic medicines are completely natural, hence they are totally safe.

In today’s busy life, people only want instant relief, but we must go for the permanent cure, else it will grow inside us and will make your condition worst. The first priority in your life should be your health. So, for a healthy and happy life, choose Ayurveda and you will never regret for this decision.

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